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In practice, the main screen proved to be the most widely used one. Learning from real life, we made the landing screen to collect the most popular (i.e. frequently ordered) products in-house, so the stuff can reach them instantly. In no time from the beginning of the operation, a typical order can be completed from this unique screen.
Using the long press action on “Send” or “Pay” button, brings up in an instance all the possible interactions with the order in its actual status, like moving the order to a different table, splitting the order by selecting products or based on value, or closing part of it and leaving the table opened.
Use the scale tool to enter the quantity before selecting a product. But most important, the scale tool allows you to keep a clean product catalog. It makes possible for clients to order fractional quantities like half portion, while being perfect for dishes that sell per quantity.
Taking orders in the traditional “list” manner is enhanced with new methods. The aim is to organize the order for the benefit of all parties involved, from guests, to staff and to the kitchen personnel. Just swipe down the order to group products into COURSES that will tell the preparation order to the kitchen, or by PERSONS to facilitate serving and payment split.
As part of offering an elevated experience, meeting the customer’s demands at payment time ensures a positive feeling in a delicate moment. Breeze allows staff to cash in only part of the order if a guest leaves the table, or move his order to another table, join tables, split equally among all guests, even by specific products and quantities.
Usually, it is the manager’s decision to allow staff to accept returned products. In order to maintain control, Breeze allows for email authorization through a simple process of tapping the link received in the email request or by using the manager’s authorization code right on the spot.
Use the powerful “Search” function to find products right from the main screen. Same as Google Search, the autocomplete function changes the word as you type and gives search relevant recommendations which help waiters find the product in no time.


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Turnover25 MioEuro/year

"Breeze surprised us from day one, all our waiters loved it! It took less than 30 minutes of training to get confident and start taking orders at the table. In just a couple of months we saw an upsell of over 10%, which was another great surprise."

Ramona PopescuMarketing Manager
Turnover5 MioEuro/year

"The Breeze POS solution brought a superior coordination within our restaurants' teams and increased our customers' loyalty. The Kitchen Display System helped with reducing down to zero our error rate for serving the meals."

Adrian ZaharieaGeneral Manager

Over 20 years of experience

In finding best IT solutions & offering professional consultancy for our clients

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